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Peaks and Valleys - Ep.1: Everything is Fine

Peaks and Valleys - Ep.1: Everything is Fine

July 7, 2020

There are more important things going on in the world than this podcast run by two over-40 straight white males.

But if that didn't turn you away, here's a new episode:

Songs contained within:

jean grae & quelle chris - everything's still fine (feat. nick offerman)
frank turner - bob (nofx cover)
william elliot whitmore - don't pray on me (bad religion cover)
strike anywhere - imperium of waste
dr. hook and the medicine show - kiss it away
off with their heads - be good (character version)
nick shoulders - the world needs sissies, too
so many wizards - don't be afraid
dark blue - looking for you

Be good to one another, and be well.

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Single Cow Stampede V: He is Risen!

Single Cow Stampede V: He is Risen!

April 11, 2020

Can't make it to Easter Mass this year? 
Fret not and let this episode be your path to redemption! 
This is here is your pass to the everlasting! 

Willie Nelson - Time of the Preacher 
Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Ain't No Grave Hold My Body Down 
Nick Shoulders - G for Jesus
.357 String Band - Put Down That Gospel 
Rev. Lonnie Harris - A Night the House of Prayer 
Menic _ I've Got a Halo
Dan Romer - Let the Water Wash Away Your Sins
Lucinda Williams - You're Gonna Need Pure Religion
The Golden Gate Quartet - God's Gonna Cut Them Down 
Rev. Utah Smith - Two Wings 
The Bluegrass Cardinals - Just a Little Walk With Jesus 
Scott H. Biram - When I Die
George Spangler and the Old Reg. Baptist Congregation - Why Must I Wear This Shroud? 
Lille Knox - I'm Troubled About My Soul
Mosby family Singers - Eternal Life 
Rev. Charlie Jackson - Wrapped Up and Tangled Up in Jesus
Mississippi Fred McDowell and Annie Mae McDowell - Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed 
Gal Holiday - Plastic Jesus 
Randy Stonehill - Starlings 
Rev IB Ware with wife and son - I Wouldn't Mind Dying 
Rev Savage and his Holy Rollers - You Got to Believe 
Filthy Thieving Bastards - Death is Not the End 
Party Ben - Thank God I'm a Country Boy 

Single Cow Stampede IV - Hellbent for Pleasure!

Single Cow Stampede IV - Hellbent for Pleasure!

March 30, 2020

John Prine - Spanish Pipedream
Paul Cauthen - Prayed for Rain
Hazel Dickens - Coal Tattoo 
Xaris Waltman - Down in the Willow Grove 
Justin Townes Earle - Pacific Northwesters Blues
Ginny Hawker - Times are Not What They Used to Be
Tre Burt - What Good 
Bob Dylan - Quinn the Eskimo
Emmylou Harris - Going Back to Harlan 
Black Lips - Get It on Time
Builders and the Butchers - Dirt in the Ground 
Lucero - Watch it Burn 
Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys - Every Rose
Terry Allen and the Panhandlers - Abandonitis 
X - New World
John Prine - The Lonesome Friends of Science

Single Cow Stampede III Death on the Oregon Trail

Single Cow Stampede III Death on the Oregon Trail

March 23, 2020

Episode III 
Death on the Oregon Trail 

Nikki & the Phantom Callers - They've Never Walked Through Shadows 
Sierra Farrell - Little Bird 
El Campo - Skinny Kids
Nick Shoulders - Snakes and Waterfalls 
Orville Peck - Buffalo Run 
Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra - Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down
Heavy Trash - Dark Hair'd Rider 
Graham Parsons _ Cash on the Barrelhead 
Hank Penny - Rabbits Don't Ever Get Married 
Memphis Slim - If the Rabbit Had a Gun 
Johnny Horton - North to Alaska
George Jones and Tammy Wynette - Something to Brag About 
Willie Nelson - Cowboys are Secretly Frequently Find of Each Other
Frank Fairfield - Out in the Open West 
Orville Peck - Take You Back (Iron Hoof Cattle Call) 
The Band of Heathens.- Country Road 


Single Cow Stampede II -  Rabid Squirrel Serenade

Single Cow Stampede II - Rabid Squirrel Serenade

March 20, 2020

Continuing the country-is CORONA-CAST with the follow-up to the podcast sensation that is Single Cow Stampede
The Last Knife Fighter - The Ballad of the Last Knife Fighter
The Bobby Tenderloin Universe - I Need a Lickin' 
Dale Hallow and the Long Con - Fools Rush In
Emily Fairlight - Breathe Baby Breathe 
Karly Driftwood - Too Mean to Die
Clyde and the Militailers - Folklore
Dolly Parton - I'll Oilwells Love You 
Le Ren - I Did U Wrong 
Joseph Huber - Father, Why These Stones
Cujo Family - Dog Gone Crazy 
Guts Club - Pansy From the Hills
Esme Patterson - Not Feeling Any Pain
Zephaniah Ohora - Songs My Mama Sang
Ralph Stanley - There'll Be None on the Other Side
The Louvin Brothers - Are You Afraid to Die
Micah Blue Smaldone - Root Hog or Die
Scott H Biram - When I Die
Nikki Lane - 700,000 Rednecks 
Rose Maddox - Wild, Wild Young Men 
Sam Doores - Wish You Well 

Single Cow Stampede 1

Single Cow Stampede 1

March 17, 2020

Howdy gang

Erik is out of hibernation to bring you some rootin' tootin' pandemic scootin' tunes to help ease your troubled minds and idle hands. These are mixes that kick around on Erik's setlists and here, in the most rushed manner possible on a hand held recorder, he's sharing them with you in these most uncertain times. 

New American Frontier - The Trusty Snakes
I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana & the Prairie Ramblers 
I Won't Need My Six Gun in Heaven - Rex Allen
Boots and Saddles - Johnny Bond
Rattlesnakes and Dogs - Jenny Don't and the Spurs 
Rhinetstones - Charlie Marie 
Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell 
Poor White Trash - Rudy Preston
Till The End of the World Rolls Around - Lester Flatts and Earl Scruggs
Keep On' Smiling' - The Banditos 
I Love the Way You Roll Them Eyes at Me - Pee Wee King
Cigareetes, Whursky, and Wild, Wild Women - The Sons of the Pioneers 
Don't Fence Me In - Gene Autry 
Keep Movin' - Goodnight, Texas
Hell or High Water - William Elliot Whitmore 
Plenty Tough and Union Made - The Waco Brothers 
I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive - CW Stoneking
I'm Shootin' for Tomorrow - Loretta Lynn

background music: Once Upon a Time in the West - Ennio Morricone 

More Country for Bold Women

More Country for Bold Women

October 14, 2019

I Did U Wrong - Le Ren / Harper Valley PTA - Jeannie C Riley / Crackers Rule - Kelly Hogan and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts / The Pill - Loretta Lynn / Shady Grove - Yola / Stripped My Way to Nashville - Karley Driftwood / Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks / Crazy - Patsy Cline / Not Feeling Any Pain - Esme Patterson / Highway Queen - Nikki Lane / Too Drunk To F** - Elizabeth Cook / F** was I - Jenny Owen Youngs / F**ing and Fighting - Izzy Cox / Rattlesnakes & Dogs - Jenny Don't & the Spurs / Daddy was a Preacher But Mama Was a Go Go Dancer - Southern Culture on the Skids / Virginia, No One Can Warn You - Tift Merritt / My Old Drunk Friend - Freakwater / Highway Rider - Carter Sampson / Red Dirt Girl - Emmylou Harris / No Time to Cry - Iris DeMent / Pansy from the Hills - Guts Club / White Lines - Kim Nall & the Fringe / Señor El Gato - Kelly Hogan 

My Feminist Agenda - Back in the Saddle

My Feminist Agenda - Back in the Saddle

October 6, 2019

After the success of last year's My Feminist Agenda episode, Erik is back at it again celebrating some of the women who make country music great. 

Fist City - Loretta Lynn  / I Hate Men - Little Carolyn Sue / Gotta Lot of Rhythm in my Soul - Patsy Cline / Mama Says Its Naughty - Maddox Bros & Rose / You're Crying Boy, Crying - Linda Martell / The Whole Dame Thing - Those Darlins / Nothin' Feels Right But Doin' Wrong - Sarah Shook & The Disarmers / Teenage Rampage - Rosie Flores / Please Take the Devil Out of Me - Caitlin Cary / Looks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again - Nora O'Connor / God Damn USA - Trixie and the Trainwrecks / Stone Hotel - Jaime Wyatt / Jesus was a Wino - Lydia Loveless / Methadone Blues - Elizabeth Cook / I Came of the Band (For Show) - Lillie Mae / I'll Oilwells Love You - Dolly Parton / Mustang Ridge - Tanya Tucker / Highwomen - The Highwomen 

Be sure to check out Cocaine and Rhinestones Podcast for some of the most brilliantly researched stories of Country Music around. 

A Brief History and Review of the new The Singing Loins

A Brief History and Review of the new The Singing Loins

September 18, 2019

Erik has locked himself in his studio and is spending time alone with the new The Singing Loins album 13 Moon Songs from a Merry Hell

As he builds up to chatting about the latest release from one of the greatest bands of the Medway, he shares what he hopes is an accurate history of the band and some of his most favorite tracks on his way to discussing one of the best releases of 2019. 

Check out The Singing Loins on 
Damaged Goods Records 
Vacilando '68

Review: Orville Peck “Pony”

Review: Orville Peck “Pony”

August 26, 2019

It's been ages since our last show, but Erik is here to review one of the best albums of the year: Orville Peck's "Pony" from Sub Pop Records. 
Alone in the studio he'll tell tales of the hiatus, what's up for the next few months, and why this album is so dang good. The notes were written while camping in an Arizona cattle field, so you know it's authentic cowboy wisdom.