CutXCut Podcast

1. Radio Free Alderaan: Lando

March 5, 2019

Radio Free Alderaan Ep. 1 - Lando
In a galaxy far far ago, rebels fought a great war in the stars against a vast imperial army. D.J. Erik and co-host RA-D10 were sent to the planet Alderaan to build morale for the rebel soldiers. Their strategy: keep 'em rocking. Their problem: staying beyond the reach of the evil Empire.

Every other week, CUTXCUT and RadioMutation will host RADIO FREE ALDERAAN, a mixtape for the characters of the Star Wars universe. From soul to funk and metal to punk, Erik and Kris share their fascination with sci-fi’s most beloved space opera by playing host to soundtracks that speak to their favorite characters. This is Real Rebel Radio. This is Radio Free Alderaan.

This week, Erik and his music protocol droid, RA-D10, field requests, take your calls, and send out an intergalactic audible podcast in honor of everyone’s favorite cape-wearing cardsharp Lando Calrissian.

BO DIDDLEY “Bad Side of the Moon” JACKSON 5 “I’ll Bet You” LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONS “Money i$ King” CHRIS JONES “I”m the Man” RAPHAEL SAADIQ “Stone Rollin’” SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS “Retreat!” RUBY VALLE & THE SOULPHONICS “Soul of the Earth” MUDDY WATERS “I’m Ready” ELI PAPERBOY ROTH “Ace of Spades” BENJAMIN BOOKER “Violent Shiver” BARRENCE WHITFIELD “Hangman’s Token” ANDRE WILLIAMS “Humpin’ Bumpin’ and Thumpin’” MONOPHONICS “There’s a Riot Going On” JAMES BROWN “My Thang” INCIDENTAL MUSIC: PHIL PRATT “Star Wars Dub” and LEE FIELDS “Money i$ King Instrumental”