CutXCut Podcast

Single Cow Stampede II - Rabid Squirrel Serenade

March 20, 2020

Continuing the country-is CORONA-CAST with the follow-up to the podcast sensation that is Single Cow Stampede
The Last Knife Fighter - The Ballad of the Last Knife Fighter
The Bobby Tenderloin Universe - I Need a Lickin' 
Dale Hallow and the Long Con - Fools Rush In
Emily Fairlight - Breathe Baby Breathe 
Karly Driftwood - Too Mean to Die
Clyde and the Militailers - Folklore
Dolly Parton - I'll Oilwells Love You 
Le Ren - I Did U Wrong 
Joseph Huber - Father, Why These Stones
Cujo Family - Dog Gone Crazy 
Guts Club - Pansy From the Hills
Esme Patterson - Not Feeling Any Pain
Zephaniah Ohora - Songs My Mama Sang
Ralph Stanley - There'll Be None on the Other Side
The Louvin Brothers - Are You Afraid to Die
Micah Blue Smaldone - Root Hog or Die
Scott H Biram - When I Die
Nikki Lane - 700,000 Rednecks 
Rose Maddox - Wild, Wild Young Men 
Sam Doores - Wish You Well