CutXCut Podcast

Winter Mixtape - Look for Me in the Emergency Room

February 12, 2019

Kris x Cut is out of town, but before he leaves, he is leaving you with the second installment in a series of mixtapes comprised of the works of members of Alkaline Trio.

In this episode Kris is spinning tracks in Daniel Andriano's body of work as well as tracks by bands or artists that have been referenced or cited by him as influences.

This episode contains the following tracks:

dan andriano in the emergency room - haunt your house
alkaline trio - stay
elvis costello - alison
zz top - move me on down the line
slapstick - sick of this place
ryan adams and the cardinals - follow the lights
the mountain goats - old college try
alkaline trio - off the map
dan andriano in the emergeny room - hurricane season
tuesday - another disco party?
the falcon - sergio's here
smoking popes - double-fisted love
the tallest man on earth - same ghost
alkaline trio - every thug needs a lady
ja rule - down a$$ chick