CutXCut Podcast

Winter Mixtape - Punk for Something

March 12, 2019

Another quick hardcore punk mixtape this week.

This episode contains the following tracks:

this is my fist - hooray for the home team
kill your idols - i told you so
panic - i walk home the same way every night
paint it black - the insider
off with their heads - die today
strike anywhere - sunset on 32nd
texas is the reason - if it's here when we get back it's ours
weston - got beat up
void - dehumanized
snfu - if i die, will you die
the promise ring - perfect lines
no use for a name - the answer is still no
american steel - there's a new life
apologies, i have none - apologies, i have one

background track:
the postal service - such great heights (instrumental)